In summer 2020, the middle of the pandemic, my RAV4’s lease came up for renewal and I was going to have to pay a ton of extra charges.


  1. I was way over on my kilometres.
  2. My brakes were squeaking. Badly.
  3. My tires were almost bald.
  4. The interior was slightly damaged.

A call to my local Toyota dealer confirmed my fears – I’d be looking at several thousand dollars in charges.

But wait, there’s more… 

Interest rates had gone up so much that if I bought out my lease, my monthly payment would be higher than I originally paid for the RAV4 when it was new.

My brother’s friend, a manager at a Subaru dealership near Toronto, was willing to let me lease a Subaru Forester for 0.9%, but I had to sell my vehicle or get out of my lease first.

I knew Don, so I gave him a call and asked for his advice.

Don suggested that I test drive some vehicles locally, without letting the dealers know that I’d be trading in my Rav4.

“You want to know the dealership’s best price for the new vehicle first.” Don explained. “Then, at the end, you can say that you DO want to trade in your SUV. Then you’ll know exactly what they are offering you for your Rav4.”

(Sometimes the dealers will give you a good price on your trade, but charge you full price for your new vehicle.) 

The MSRP is just the “Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price” so it’s just a starting point. Administration fees can also be negotiated. And extended warranties are a major source of profit too.

Negotiating prices for a new car is an overwhelming experience for many of us. So it makes a lot of sense to leave your trade in vehicles out of the equation, so you can more easily compare prices.

In my case, the local Subaru dealer was going to charge the full MRSP. And the local Toyota dealer was going to charge me several thousand dollars in penalties when I returned my leased RAV4.

I reached out to Don.

He quickly took down my details and offered to research what my car was worth. Lucky for me, even given the high kilometers, I was in a positive equity position. (The vehicle was worth more than the cost buy out.)

Don offered to buy out my lease, and I happily agreed.

I got out of paying for all my extra kilometers and wear and tear on my leased vehicle, and I got a great deal and low interest rate on my new Subaru.

I called the Toyota dealership, and Don took care of the rest of the paperwork for me.

Don coached me on how to purchase a new vehicle that would hold its value better than my previous one. (White, grey, and black vehicles sell better. Higher trim levels as well.)

I was able to complete all the paperwork from North Bay. Finally, my husband and I drove to pick up the new Forester and deliver the Rav4 to Don.

I texted Don when we arrived, and he met us outside to inspect the car and collect the keys.

Despite being very honest about the condition of our SUV, and taking several photos so he could see the bit of damage, I was nervous when Don appraised the vehicle. He actually found a couple small dents on the hood that I never noticed. But even with that, he stuck with his original offer. 

The appraisal process took less than 10 minutes! (Before everything was complete!)

I was in a brand new Subaru Forester, with AWD and fancy winter driving tech AND my monthly payment was the exact same as I was paying for that squeaky, old Rav4!

Before we left, I slipped into YourCar4Cash to use the washroom. Don has a gorgeous fish tank in his waiting room – and a perfectly clean washroom for clients. The whole space is modern and filled with light.

I met Cheryl, who has worked for Your Car 4 Cash for years. She’s lovely and very welcoming.

I expected anything to do with buying or selling a car to be unpleasant, with piles of paperwork and uncomfortable negotiations. I’m so glad that Don was able to reinvent the process.

I think I’ve spent more time in a coffee shop, waiting for a latte, than I did at Your Car 4 Cash, selling Don my car!

Dealerships make switching brands difficult, but with varying interest rates and promotions, it might make a lot of sense to make the switch. YourCar4Cash makes that process easy. 

What I like about Don is he sees himself as helping people, providing them a service. International students who are moving home. Seniors who will no longer be driving. People who are downsizing. The list of reasons why you might need to sell one car without buying another is long.

Don tells people straight that their job is to get as much money as they can for their vehicles. With decades in the car business, Don is able to research the current market prices and make a fair offer. 

Don’s walls are covered with awards for his impeccable restoration work on classic cars. (Ask him to tell you more!) So Don and his mechanic can take a vehicle like mine and do the necessary detailing, body work, and repairs to restore it to pristine condition. 

This process was so easy and stress free. If I decide to sell my Subaru when the lease is up, I’ll call Don first.

Even if you, like me, live in small-town Ontario, it’s worth checking prices and taking the drive. You might save enough for a hotel and night on the town, and still have money leftover!

Selling and buying vehicles is often an unnecessarily complicated process. Don is making the process simple, fair, and transparent. I’m very happy with my experience and will recommend Don to all of my friends and family.

Best of luck with selling your vehicle in Ontario!

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