Selling your car to YourCar4Cash is a fast and easy process provided you have done your homework and have prepared a few documents required to sell you SUV or truck. We’ll review several scenarios below for selling your own vehicle, selling someone else’s vehicle, and selling a car with a joint ownership.

Selling your own vehicle

If you don’t owe money on your car, we only require the following:

  • Canadian car ownership document
  • Owner’s valid driver’s licence (This ensures we issue the cheque to the rightful owner)
  • Service records – optional (These can increase your car’s value)
  • Confirmation that the VIN number on the car and ownership document match

You don’t need to have a Used vehicle information package; leave it to us.

We’ll prepare the Bill of Sale which will include your name as the seller, YourCar4Cash as the buyer. If you need to register your licence plates to another car, you will keep your plates and the “plate portion” of car ownership.

If you owe money on your car, you must provide details concerning the exact amount owing and contact information for your lending institution. We also require the same documents and confirmation as listed above.

Selling someone else’s car

If you want to handle the sale of a car belonging to a friend or family member, you must have written permission authorizing you to do so. Please note that even if you have been authorized to act on behalf of the owner, the cheque will always be issued to the car owner’s name as indicated on the car ownership document.

Selling a car with a joint ownership

The scenario involving joint ownership happens quite often. If one of the owners cannot be present at the time of sale, the other owner must obtain written authorization from the co-owner to sell the car, and sign their portion of the ownership.

In most cases, both owners’ names will appear on the cheque.

YourCar4Cash works diligently to receive a confirmation of ownership status and all other required documentation to ensure that the proceeds from the transaction go to the rightful owner(s).


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