Frequently Asked Questions

We get lots of questions about our service, so we encourage you to browse our FAQ which answers many of the questions we receive.

Why should I choose YourCar4Cash®?

By selling to YourCar4Cash®, you’ll avoid the hassle and the risks of selling your car privately. We are a licensed dealer (and a Better Business Bureau accredited business) with over 22 years of experience, and we are 100% Canadian.

We are the original car buying service – many have tried to copy our business model, but our customers know that the best experience is with us.

We don’t charge any fees for an appraisal or inspection and our offer is exactly what you’ll get paid (no hidden fees). We do all the paperwork including the bill of sale and the ministry and lein payouts.

The whole process takes 20 minutes to get paid.

What cars do you buy?

All inquiries will be dealt with on an individual basis whether it’s one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. We try to accommodate everyone but we will not buy scrap or junk.

How will I get paid?

We are happy to provide you payment with the method of your choice, such as bank draft,certified cheque, company cheque, or cash – whichever makes you most comfortable.

What documentation do I need to sell my car?

Your Canadian ownership, drivers license and any other books, manuals and if possible service records (not required).

When do my legal responsibilities for the vehicle end?

Once you sign the bill of sale, you are no longer legally responsible for the vehicle.

Do I need a safety inspection and an e-test to sell my car?

No, we buy your car as is, where it is, no safety inspection required. You don’t need a UVIP (ministry of transportation sellers package).

If my car does not run, will you buy it?

We will not buy junk or scrap, but if there’s a minor issue (dead battery, flat tire) we will consider your vehicle.

Will you buy my car if I don’t live in the GTA?

Call Don at our toll free number and arrangements can be made.

What do I do if I filled out your online form and didn’t receive an offer?

Please check your junk mail. If you still can’t find our offer, call Don during regular business hours at 1-888-910-5274 and he’ll be happy to provide you with one.

Can an online appraisal change?

An online appraisal is a range of what we’ve been buying and/or trading similar vehicles for on the current market. Not all vehicles are the same. Once a visual inspection has been done, a firm offer will be given which is exactly how much you’ll be paid.

Can I sell a deceased relative’s car?

Yes, we buy from many estate sales.

I have outstanding financing against my car. Can you buy it?

Yes. We commonly buy vehicles which have outstanding financing.  We will walk you through the steps, and make it easy for you.

Will you buy a car with a lein (loan) on it?

Yes, we do this often. We require a Lein Payout Confirmation from the lender. This can be done any time during the process but must be done before final payment.

How will you pick up the car?

We have drivers that can pick up your car and we’ll attach our dealer plates once the transaction has been made relieving you of any liabilities.

What additional costs are associated with your services?

Absolutely none.

What do I do if I cannot find my ownership?

As a licencesed dealer we can pull a history to confirm your ownership, and supply a lost ownership on your behalf.

Are there any cars you won’t buy?

We don’t buy scrap or junk.

What are your hours of operation?

Our hours vary due to offsite inspections, but our online application is available 24/7 online.

Frequently Asked Questions